daycare curriculum planning and development

The concept of day care has evolved in India in the last decade. Initially, daycare was conceptualized as the home or centre where kids were taken care of when the parents were away for work. This still holds true for infants and children up to 2 years of age. However, for kids above 2 years, daycare centers have developed a trend of implementing a creative curriculum that focuses on the overall development of the child. Similar to curriculum for preschools in India, the curriculum for daycare centers is getting popular as well.

Moreover, most of the preschools have their daycares attached to the school and that takes care of the kid for the entire day. The schools develop a specialized curriculum that includes games, activities and celebrations. They offer exclusive .

Daycare curriculum usually involves a well planned schedule for the child. This includes complete, delicious and nutritious snacks and meals at designated times including milk. A short nap in the afternoon is also a part of the schedule. The remaining time involves games and sports that encourages interaction and develops the communication, interaction and social skills in the kids. Games are of varied types and stimulate the reasoning and intellectual skills. These centers have exclusive daycare curriculum for toddlers and daycare curriculum for infants.

Variation is also brought in by celebrating birthdays, festivals and other events. This helps the kids to understand the culture and open up themselves. Small scale workshops including craft, drawing, drama and music are also planned. However, the daycare centers attached to schools usually function with the academic schedule and time.

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